‘to keep you smiling’

over the years we have created and maintained miles of smiles.
its what we’re good at, we’re proud of it and we enjoy it.

harbouring over 21yrs experience in providing ‘teethcare’, our dedication to providing pain-free, ethical, lasting dental care is tried and tested.
understanding that dentistry can be daunting, we are both easy and informal.
we know that repartee is everything, enabling us to work with you towards the same goal, whilst building a trustworthy, long-term partnership.

small. yes, deliberately. one dentist. bespoke, individual and accountable.

how do we work?

using the best materials and technicians….
(hence the 1yr and 5yr guarantee. we know you’re in safe hands and are waiting for you to let us prove it to you.)

….and the latest techniques….
(we are strong believers in always updating our ‘know-how’ through peer groups and lifelong learning)

….together with ultra-modern technology….
(eg. digital radiographs, intra oral cameras, eyetrek specs, fibre-optics, quieter drills.)